MSC Equine Science

Katrina Gothorp has obtained her MsC Equine Science through Edinburgh University. Modules of Scientific Methodology, Equine Behaviour and Welfare, Equine Nutrition and Digestion and Equine Orthopaedics were passed with distinction and the dissertation module was a Review of Equine Tendinopathies.


Horses inside out

This two-day conference was attended in February 2013 where the symmetry of horses and also the symmetry of riders was discussed in great depth. Subjects covered included the symmetry of horses feet (presented by Haydn Price) and also symmetry of the rider and effects on our horses (presented by Andrew Thomas).

Anatomy and training

Two-day course used as a refresher in 2012 covering all aspects of equine anatomy. Lameness evaluation, rehabilitative exercises, and the effects of artificial aids on the musculotskeletal system of the horse were a few of the areas covered.