Massage therapy is the main modality used at Equus Performance. During a session, the whole horse is worked on irrespective of where the problem is. The reason for this is that working on one area will always impact another further along, therefore the whole horse must be worked in a session to stop compensatory issues forming or to address compensatory issues that may have begun to build already. Deep pressure and cross fibre frictions may be employed. Correct use of massage has been shown to improve circulation and can legthern muscle fibres. This is significant for equine athletes as just lengthening muscle fibres may mean the difference between first and second place at the finish line. Used for maintenance as well as after injury, massage therapy can make your horse more comfortable and able to perform to the best of their ability.


MFR is a non-directional modality that works on the fascia in the body of the horse. The fascia is the web which holds the muscle tissues and is an interconnecting web that runs throughout the body. For this reason working on one area often impacts another with great results having been seen with tense horses who hold and internalise a lot of issues.


Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is used to improve wound and soft tissue healing in horses and involves the use of a portable laser unit. The process is non-invasive and can give relief for both acute and chronic pain. Grea tresults have been achieved in ourexperience with open wounds and tendon lesions. The laser works on the body at a
cellular level, stimulating themitochondria of the cells and increasing cell permeability. The release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is increased and this in turn reduces inflammation, and enhances tissue repair.
1. Improves circulation. By improving circulation, oxygenation
increases and the removal of cellular debris becomes more efficient, thus speeding up recovery.
2. Lymphatic system. Research has shown that lymph vessel
diameter can be increased with the use of LLLT and in turn lymph flow improves. This means less oedema, and swelling can be kept to a minimum.
3. Collagen Production. LLLT promotes production of collagen
which is essential for tissue repair and reduces scarring.
4. Improves phagocytosis which is important in the healing process.
5. Stimulates release of ATP which increases the energy of the cells thus eliminating waste products and accepting nutrients faster.